Connection problems hinder 4G appetite

I got to hear first hand how connectivity problems are affecting mobile subscribers over the weekend, and how the problem is having a knock-on effect on 4G services.

Friends visiting from London told me they see no point in upgrading to 4G services because their current 3G experience is so poor. Apparently they often struggle to make a phone call, let alone access data networks. Their experience was later verified by several other friends in my village who work in the city.

It was interesting for me to hear, given these comments came completely out of the blue a day after a Strand Consult report revealed growing consumer dissatisfaction with their mobile experience. The research firm notes carriers’ attempts to expand their networks  are often stymied by local authorities, however my friends’ reaction to that explanation was a blank expression. They just don’t care if it’s the council at fault, they definitely blame their operator.

Apple’s fall from grace was another subject we covered. One couple is mulling a switch to Nokia Lumia 920s, while another friend noted he saw little point upgrading to the iPhone 5 because the device is “a bit lighter and a bit faster,” than his iPhone 4.

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