Consumers are interested in wearables

Move over smartphones, tablets, laptops and HDTVs. Tech savvy consumers are setting their sights on wearable technologies.
The Accenture Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014, conducted in six countries - Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States - found that more than half of consumers (52%) are interested in buying wearable technologies such as fitness monitors for tracking physical activity and managing their personal health.
Around 42% are also interested in buying smart watches (46%) and Internet-connected eyeglasses such as Google Glass (42%).
“In the past year wearable technologies have emerged as the next big consumer electronics market category, particularly for health and wellness,” said Mattias Lewren, global managing director of Accenture’s Electronics and High-Tech industry group.
Among the six countries, consumers in India were most interested in buying fitness monitors (80%), smart watches (76%) and Internet-enabled eyeglasses (74%).
Consistent with their keen interest in buying wearable technologies, consumers in India ranked highest among the six countries in the percentages that plan to buy consumer electronics products during the next year in numerous categories.
Around 80% plan to buy a smartphone; more than two-thirds (69%) a HDTV; 65% a traditional tablet PC and 63% a laptop PC.

“India is clearly a major growth market for consumer electronics,” said Lewren. “Craving more personalized digital experiences, the country’s consumers rank among the world’s most willing to pay for and use consumer electronics devices – including wearable technologies.”