Cutting roaming fraud-related losses

CBOSS has launched the CBOSSnrtrde, a Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) tool that is designed to help mobile phone operators reduce roaming fraud-related losses. The implementation of NRTRDE is obligatory for all GSMA members starting October 1. 

The tool provides a full range of options for end-to-end automation of interaction with roaming partners. CBOSSnrtrdeOut enables NRTRDE file generation, statistics collection, and CDR delivery reports, while the CBOSSnrtrdeIn implements downloading and validation of the received data. CBOSSnrtrdeInPrecharge controls fraud, prevents wrongful disconnection of subscribers, and delivers charge information to the prepaid platform. CBOSSnrtrdeInSplit automatically downloads NRTRDE files and separates records belonging to local exchange carriers and inter-exchange carriers.