Deutsche Telekom, Cisco launch Cloud VPN service in 3 EU countries


BARCELONA, Spain--Deutsche Telekom launched a cloud VPN service for small and medium businesses at the Mobile World Congress, here.

The Cloud VPN option is available in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, and is designed to simplify access to highly secure and scalable internet services. Deutsche Telekom's Cloud VPN offers remote access via encrypted VPNS, firewall and web security and a cloud-managed IT solution for a monthly subscription fee.

Deutsche Telekom is working in partnership with Cisco on this venture. The rollout is part of a much larger one for Cisco. This development means that its Intercloud network can now run in 250 data centers in 50 countries.

According to Dr. Elias Drakopoulos, SVP of Deutsche Telekom, "Virtualization and cloud open up new ways to bring enterprise-class IT services within easy reach of SMBs. With the ever-increasing level of security threats, digitisation starts with highly secure access, and for that reason, we decided to start the roll-out of our new generation of cloud-managed IT services with Cloud VPN."

Cisco plans to invest over $1 billion (€898 million) in building its expanded cloud business over the next two years. The Cisco global Intercloud is being architected for the Internet of Everything, that includes distributed network and security architecture, real-time analytics, "near infinite" scalability and full compliance with local data sovereignty laws.

"Cisco's Intercloud uniquely position us to connect today's world of disparate clouds in a seamless and secure manner, unlocking the full potential of cloud, and with it a new era in IT," said Cisco's Rob Lloyd, Cisco's president of development and sales.

The collaboration between the two companies is part of a major push for highly secure cloud services across Europe.  For Deutsche Telekom, this is part of its strategy in expanding its cloud business in the region.  Cisco has long discussed plans to build the world's largest global Intercloud, or network of clouds.  This is the first service to be launched from the collaborative platform created by this partnership.

The service is built on Cisco virtual security appliances and uses Deutsche Telekom's OpenStack solutions.

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