Deutsche Telekom to unveil Joyn launch date within weeks, admits to technical delays

Deutsche Telekom (DT) will announce the commercial launch date of its Joyn service in the run up to Mobile World Congress, after admitting that implementing the technology is taking longer than originally expected.

"We have no precise date to announce at this point of time. We will launch Joyn services as soon as our trials have finished satisfactorily. This trial will lead into our commercial launch--details of which will be communicated shortly before Mobile World Congress," DT spokesman Philipp Kornstädt told FierceWireless:Europe.

"Unfortunately, the integration of Joyn into our network architecture is very complex and is taking more time than we expected," he said. "We are currently in a live trial [of Joyn] that we will gradually expand."

Kornstädt was clarifying DT's Joyn launch plans following a Jan. 30 Fierce Wireless:Europe article, which noted that, based upon comment a DT spokesman made with the German media, the operator's joyn launch had been delayed "indefinitely" in Germany.

The company had initially confirmed Oct. 1, 2012, as a launch date for Joyn services, but this then slipped to December and has now been delayed further due to technical issues, according to

Incorporating the Joyn software into DT's handset portfolio is a lengthy process that requires thorough testing, DT spokesman Dirk Wende told Wirtschafts Woche. "Our goal is, of course, to move as quickly as possible to bring Joyn to market," he said.

The problems appear to be focused on the Joyn messenger service and its lack of stability, the German website reported.

While the aim is to launch Joyn on Android-based handsets, DT is worried about the current fragmentation of the Google smartphone platform and ensuring that its Joyn services will work with other German operators and those elsewhere.

Vodafone Germany launched its Joyn service in August at the IFA event in Berlin--albeit in beta format on the Android platform, but has given no indication when an iPhone version might become available. Telefónica's O2 Germany has said it is committed to launching Joyn in the future, while E-Plus has given no sign regarding its intent.

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