DoCoMo begins trial of LTE network

Japan's NTT DoCoMo today began testing its LTE network system in Tokyo, as it gears up for a full-scale launch in December.
DoCoMo said it was verifying the network system for speed, latency, stability of inter-cell handover and other necessary conditions for commercial operation, and hopes to achieve data rates of 37.5Mbps in the downlink and 12.5Mbps uplink in the 5 MHz band initially.
It will later boost speeds to 75Mbps down and 25Mbps up, in the 10MHz frequency.
The pre-commercial handsets used in the trial feature GSM and WCDMA to ensure compatibility with global networks.
However, embedding the 2G and 3G technologies will also help DoCoMo’s domestic coverage, as its LTE base stations include WCDMA/HSPA-compatible antennas along with the 4G technology.
Handsets and infrastructure are being supplied by Fujitsu and NEC, with the latter providing remote radio equipment 2GHz base stations, BDE, core network equipment and related switch products.