EC probes Polish regulator's fiber plans

Poland’s telecoms regulator faces a European Commission probe into its decision to allow the country’s incumbent carrier to limit rivals’ access to its fiber networks.
The Commission is concerned that regulator UKE is breaching competition rules by deciding not to require incumbent Telekomunikacja Polska to use cost-based pricing for access to future fiber networks by alternative providers in the country. The EC notes the decision could limit competition in the market, while also impacting future fiber network rollouts.
"We need to avoid fiber-based broadband monopolies,” digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes says, adding. “This investigation will examine whether the right balance exists between investment incentives and protection of a level playing field in Poland."
UKE’s rationale is that Telekomunikacja Polska will be encouraged to deploy fiber-to-the-home networks by being allowed to decide what price to charge alternative operators. While EC telecom rules allow national regulators to make such a move, it is concerned UKE hasn’t proven that alternative providers will be able to gain access to the incumbent’s fiber network on competitive terms without regulation.

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