EC targets harmonised telecoms standards

The European Commission will seek greater control over national telecoms regulators, to boost the region’s digital economy.
EC president José Manuel Durão Barroso said the Commission would work towards growing its control over individual regulators, to boost deployment of e-commerce, telecoms, and online commerce.
Barroso was responding to a damning report by so-called ‘elder statesman’ Mario Monti, who said the EC has failed to live up its promise of delivering a single market for electronic communications.
Monti said the EC should roll-out a pan-European licensing system covering radio frequencies used in telecoms and digital TV, as part of an overall review of telecoms markets, reports.
Barroso said the Commission would “work on the basis of the proposals,” made in Monti’s internal report, and aimed to outline his proposals by July.
“We cannot have a monetary union without an economic union,” he said.

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