EC telecom rules not implemented by all

Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia have yet to implement new European Commission telecoms rules some three years after they came into effect.
The Commission says failure to include the rules in national telecoms legislation may impact competition in the markets, because they cover elements including the ability to switch number in a day, or be informed when personal data is stolen. It also expresses concern over the independence of national regulators, consumer protection, and carrier taxation in markets where infringement proceedings are underway – in this case Hungary, Spain and France.
Concerns are expressed in the Commission’s latest Digital Agenda Scorecard, a regular report that rates progress in implementing the agenda to date.
The latest report also highlights wide variances in the cost of broadband access to alternative suppliers, which the Commission believes must be addressed by improving the consistency of telecoms regulation. It notes the monthly average wholesale price for local loop access ranges from €5.3 in Poland and Slovakia to €14.4 in Finland.
Harmonization is called for in terms of civil engineering works to install high-speed broadband networks, with the EC set to unveil new initiatives early 2013 to cut rollout costs. The Commission also states coordination is needed to ensure net neutrality and quality of service.