Enabling the new world of pay TV

Rising consumer demand for access to pay-TV on an "anywhere, anytime" basis is challenging service providers to adopt unified content security strategies that will support the seamless 3-screen experience customers are looking for.

This means service providers must not only be able to securely deliver content to multiple devices; they need to be able to support all types of protection that content owners require across different types of networks. Simply put, it's a matter of finding a platform that delivers protection to any screen over any network to meet any threat.

Such a 3-Dimensional Content Security solution must be able to draw from a range of security techniques including encryption, conditional access (CA), digital rights management (DRM), forensic watermarking and other protection schemes.

The platform must be able to dynamically apply the appropriate layers of security to each individual content stream no matter what network and device any given customer might be using.

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