EPlus picks Alcatel-Lucent for ad platform

German operator EPlus group, through its subsidiary Gettings, is the first carrier to use Alcatel-Lucent's new advertising selection server for its mobile ad platform.  The carrier, which has 15 million subscribers, launched the platform last week.

In an interview with FierceWireless:Europe, Rudy Bross, Alcatel-Lucent's director of strategy and marketing for the company's digital media and advertising business, said the advertising selection server will let carriers target mobile ad messages at certain audiences via different methods. For example, a carrier could direct a message via MMS Push, WAP or video, and have it directed at a certain demographic group. "We are helping service providers turn their subscribers into audiences," Bross said.  "Media buyers are interested in audiences."

The advertising platform is implemented as a hosted solution and the service allows consumers to opt-in to receive the advertisements. For example, EPlus is using a tool that gives consumers an option to opt-in for the advertising when they check their prepaid balances. 

Consumers can choose between three packages--S, M and L--where they receive between 10 to 25 mobile ads per week. The service lets them input their preferences so they receive only mobile ads that are of value to them.

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