Ericsson reveals large rise in smartphone video viewing; Qualcomm president doubts benefit of break up

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> Ericsson ConsumerLab said 61 per cent of smartphone owners watch video and TV on their devices, a 71 per cent rise over the number in 2012. MarketWatch report

> Sony launched the Xperia Z5 Premium, which it said is the first smartphone with a 4K-resolution display. BBC News report

> Qualcomm president Derek Aberle cast doubt on whether breaking the company up would improve its stock price. Reuters report

> Samsung Electronics is preparing to launch an IoT kit for homes called Smart Things. Bloomberg article

> Motorola said it will offer customisation options on its latest Moto 360 smart watches. BBC News report

And finally...Don't know how to use a washing machine? Soon, you may not need to. Deutsche Telekom release

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