EU's digital chief calls for faster action on single market

The European Union's digital chief, Neelie Kroes, called this week called for the EU to step up its pace on the creation of a single market for telecoms, warning that "the world is changing fast, technology is moving fast, and we need to act fast to save our economy." She also compared the EU to the U.S. market, where operators can serve 300 million citizens while working under one set of rules, "whereas over here, we have a tangle of 27 different systems". However, Kroes also noted that the U.S. system is far from perfect: "The EU telecoms market may be too fragmented, but it is certainly competitive. In the States, an effective duopoly makes life hard for new entrants, if not impossible," she added. Read this speech for more on the single market, and this speech on the U.S. comparison.