European mobile broadband tariff continues to confuse

While many observers have claimed that the uptake of European mobile data services has been hampered by cumbersome and confusing pricing plans, a new study indicates that little progress has been made to make them more accessible.

While the new study, conducted by BroadGroup Tariff Services, accepts that inclusive megabyte (MB) pricing is the most commonly used tariff structure by the 79 mobile operators across 30 countries, it claims that the tariff tables reveal a multiplicity of taxes, excess charging tiers, roaming definitions, and complicated pricing and billing increments.

"If it is accepted that customer perception of data is changing, and pricing needs to be accessible, the complexity associated with mobile broadband pricing must also change. Operators are starting to introduce simpler pricing and bundling with WiFi and other services, but the current structures are not sustainable if congruence in pricing is to be achieved," commented Margrit Sessions of BroadGroup Tariff Services.

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