Fiber expansion brings Ireland closer

A quick look at news from international network operators [includes network] expansion by Geo, and a new security offering from Interoute.
The UK’s Geo Networks announced the completion of its East-West ring, which in the context of the UK means hooking up Ireland.
Working with the Irish infrastructure firm ESB Telecoms and leveraging the FibreSpeed network across Wales and the new fiber system across the Irish Sea, they have brought Dublin as close to London in terms of raw, diversely routed fiber count as Amsterdam and Paris have long been. Geo’s profile has been rising in the UK’s fiber markets of late.
Also in Europe, Interoute continued to develop its cloud portfolio by introducing new managed security capabilities. They claim to be the first to offer a live, full visibility next generation firewall, allowing enterprises to see in real time what is happening to their network and therefore potentially respond much more efficiently and effectively to threats.