In-flight data takes off

Irish airline Aer Lingus is offering in-flight roaming services to passengers on routes between Ireland and the US.
The firm is the third European airline to offer text and data services to customers via AeroMobile, a UK-based GSM service provider to the aviation industry. Customers of Irish mobile operators Vodafone, Three, and O2, and US telcos AT&T and T-Mobile USA, can tap the roaming service, which AeroMobile claims is priced inline with regular global roaming tariffs.
AeroMobile states 20,000 passengers on flights to Ireland operated by other airlines have used its service in the past six months, sending 9,000 text messages over the period.
“There are now up to 140 flights a week coming in and out of Ireland on AeroMobile-equipped aircraft,” says Kevin Rogers, chief executive of the firm.

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