Galaxy 16 sat successfully launched

(Wireless News via NewsEdge) Galaxy 16, a high-power fixed satellite service spacecraft built for PanAmSat by Space Systems/Loral, was successfully delivered into a geosynchronous transfer orbit aboard a Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket from the Odyssey Launch Platform, positioned on the equator in the Pacific Ocean.


"Galaxy 16 illustrates SS/L's expertise in developing cost-effective, high-utility FSS spacecraft for use by the world's largest communications carriers," said SS/L president Patrick DeWitt. "With a cost- effective integration of advanced satellite features and high performance, space-proven technology, Galaxy 16 will provide PanAmSat with the ability to deliver highly competitive and reliable services to their customers."


Weighing 10,229 pounds, Galaxy 16 is designed to provide more than 10 kilowatts of power throughout its 15-year mission life. The satellite's communications payload carries 24 high-power Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders.


From its orbital location at 99 degrees West longitude, Galaxy 16 will provide coverage for data and video services, including HDTV broadcasts and IPTV, across the entire US, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, in addition to Canada and Mexico.


The satellite is the fourth spacecraft built for PanAmSat by SS/L. A fifth, Galaxy 18, is currently under construction at SS/L's facility in Palo Alto, California, scheduled for delivery next year.


Through its owned and operated fleet of 24 satellites, PanAmSat is a global provider of video, broadcasting and network distribution and delivery services.


SS/L is a designer, manufacturer, and integrator of powerful satellites and satellite systems.


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