German national faces deportation for Internet fraud in the Philippines

A German national wanted for large-scale Internet fraud was arrested last week by Philippine authorities and is set to be deported, according to an AFP report.
The report said Victor Graf Kolvenbach, 47, of Troisdorf was nabbed by immigration police in a town south of Manila after a tip-off from German federal authorities tracking him down, the immigration bureau said Wednesday.
The suspect is wanted for 67 counts of large-scale fraud for operating an auction Web site but failing to deliver the promised goods.

German authorities said he had defrauded his clients of some 130,000 euros ($165,000) since he began in 2002, according to the report.
He arrived in Manila on April 26 but was arrested while in hiding on May 17.
The fugitive would be "deported to stand trial in his country for his alleged crimes,' authorities said.