Glitch halts Razr sales in the US

US carriers Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile USA have temporarily stopped selling Motorola's popular Razr phones because of a defect in some of the units that causes calls to disconnect, an Associated Press report said.


The report said that according to Motorola, as the glitch affected only a limited number of phones, it did not expect the incident to impact on financial results.


"Motorola continues to ship new Razr handsets in volume to customer distribution centers, and retail availability is expected to be normal across all markets by next week," spokeswoman Jennifer Weyrauch, quoted by Associated Press, said.


Analyst Roger Entner of market research firm Ovum, meanwhile, said such sales suspensions were uncommon, especially when these involved a hot-selling product like the Razr, the report said.


A component in the defective Razrs was discovered to cut off calls when the flip phones were opened. Motorola was working to fix the problem and said no phones were being recalled, the report said.