Google introduces AdSense for mobile search

Google has announced the launch of AdSense for mobile search, enabling operators and publishers to embed a Google-branded search box on their mobile portals and websites.

According to the web services giant, the search box promises subscribers immediate access to web search, local, image, and news results in a mobile format.

Operators and website owners will share in any revenues generated by searches that originate from their sites. While Google will serve the results pages, partners may also co-brand each page with their corporate logo, and link the pages back to their sites.

Google launched an earlier version of AdSense for mobile in September 2007, promising to establish a wireless advertising network that matches advertising inventory with mobile web content. Like the majority of Google advertising systems, AdSense for mobile prices are determined via auction, and advertisers pay when a user clicks on its ad.

Operators and publishers interested in beta-testing AdSense for mobile search should fill out this form. Google will invite a limited number of carriers and publishers who complete the form to attend a private information session during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

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