Google may make self-driving cars manual; IPhone 6 fever fuels record Apple share price

> The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Intelsat) this week celebrated the 50th anniversary of its launch of satellite telecommunications and video services. Release

> An Austrian law student claims to have passed the first hurdle in a class-action lawsuit alleging that Facebook violates users' privacy, and says he has attracted support from 60,000 users. Article

> Google is considering adding a small steering wheel and pedals to its autonomous cars to comply with forthcoming new Californian road-testing regulations. Article

> Norwegian researchers found that people find it easier to remember details of a paperback book than a novel read on e-readers. Article

> Apple's share price hit a record $100.53 (€75.69), as investors gain confidence ahead of the expected launch of the iPhone 6 in September. Report

And finally…UK Prime Minister David Cameron said he can run the country remotely, provided his trusty BlackBerry smartphone is close to hand. Report