Google promised to obey law: MIIT

Chinese authorities renewed Google's internet license after it promised to obey censorship laws, AP has reported
In the Chinese government’s first public remarks since the renewal of Google’s license two weeks ago, Zhang Feng, director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) communications development department, said the search firm had also vowed not to link to material deemed a threat to national security or social stability.
Google announced in January it would no longer censor Chinese search results and in March began switching search queries directly to its Hong Kong servers.
Just before its internet content provider (ICP) license expired on June 30, it stopped sending searches directly to Hong Kong and instead introduced a landing page.
Speaking at a department press conference, Zhang said Google's “rectification and reform” – apparently referring to the change in practice - had conformed with government regulations.
China accounts for $250 million (€193.5 million) to $600 million of Google's forecast $28 billion revenue this year, AP said.