GPON demand highest in Russia

Demand for GPON technology in the former Soviet Union is soaring, according to ECI Telecom.
A lack of copper infrastructure in the region is fuelling the demand, marketing chief Laura Howard says, making it one of the biggest markets for ECI’s products outside Asia Pacific.
Howard confirmed the demand in an exclusive interview with Telecoms after revealing the firm’s new multi-service, end-to-end, 1Net fiber access solution which features a next-generation integrated OLT platform.
“It supports open access [and] physical separation,” she said, adding that the solution can run any flavor of FTTx, and is compatible with GPON and point to point, and offers full traffic aggregation capabilities.
Offering access to multiple technologies is essential for firms like ECI, Howard said, as carriers seek cost-reductions. “Fixed broadband and access faces stiff profit and loss issues,” she notes.