The great broadband switchover

It looks like the process of switching broadband provider isn’t as smooth as it should be, and that I’ll be left without access for a day.
I finally grew weary of my existing internet service provider in late September, and embarked on almost a fortnight of research into alternatives. Having waded through a stack of what seem very expensive options, I finally found a provider that can offer me bundled broadband and telephony for a little under £22 (€25.26) a month (including line rental), which saves me around £18 per month.
I placed the order with the new provider on October 11, and so far all the information from that firm indicates I will, indeed, be up and running with them within the 14 to 21 working days promised.
Trouble is, my new provider says the broadband service will be activated October 29, while my outgoing provider is gearing up to cancel my service on October 28.
That’s not the seamless transfer I expected.
However, the potential one day outage does fall within the limits prescribed by regulator Ofcom in its consumer advice pages “The service should then be transferred seamlessly and with little or no disruption of service,” it states.

I’ll keep you updated as to the progress, however if there is no Telecoms Daily on Friday October 29, you’ll know there is, indeed, disruption of service.