Hackers <3 smartphones

Smartphones will be increasingly be the target of hackers in 2010, according to Nasdaq-listed security firm Websense Security Labs. "As emerging operating systems and platforms like Macs and mobile devices become more popular, they are more targeted [by hackers]," states Websense. As an example of what to expect, in November, jailbroken iPhones in Australia were "Rick rolled" by a worm created by a 21-year-old Wollongong TAFE student that reset iPhone wallpapers to a photo of UK singer Rick Astley. "Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, which are used increasingly for business purposes, are essentially miniature personal computers and in 2010 [they] will face the same types of attacks that target traditional computing," adds Websense.  "Additionally, poor security of applications on smartphones can put users' and organizations' data at risk.

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