Hackers to sell software to unlock iPhone

A group of hackers said they will soon sell software allowing Apple's iPhone to be used with any cellphone carrier, skirting AT&T's exclusive deal in the US, an AFP report said.

The AFPr eport said the consumer frenzy over Apple's sensational phone was, for some, dampened by the fact that AT&T was the device's only service provider in the country.

But a group of anonymous hackers promised on a website, iPhoneSIMfree.com, that they would sell software that opens the iPhone to other carriers in the next few days, the AFP report said. They did not indicate a price.

On the weekend, they presented their program to an expert working for CNN television, who announced the iPhone was freed from AT&T's monopoly in 'two minutes,' the AFP report said.

They said they are fans of Apple products who thought the iPhone should be made accessible to people who cannot use AT&T, the report further said.