High-speed broadband tops user's wish list

Almost two-thirds of UK and Irish consumers expect to have a 100Mbps broadband connection to their home by 2015, according to research by Cisco.
A total of 65% of consumers quizzed by the firm as part of a study into changing attitudes towards technology predicted the development, which is one of a dozen key technology changes consumers expect over the next decade.
Internet TV is another hot-potato, with 65% expecting to watch more Web-based TV than regular broadcasts by 2012.
And 52% said they will likely enjoy virtual consultations with their doctor by 2018.
Phil Smith, vice president and CEO of Cisco UK & Ireland, said the results showed that consumers have become more tech-savvy over the past 25 years, and are now “shaping the future development of technology.”
The firm polled 1,000 consumers in the UK and 500 in Ireland as part of a broader study into how perceptions and use of technology have changed over the past quarter-century.
Respondents said technology problems, cost, and lack of demand are the biggest barriers to the rollout of new services.

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