Huawei cracks 700 Mbps with DSL

Huawei has demonstrated a DSL prototype that crosses the 700Mbps threshold – the first by any telecom supplier.
Based on SuperMIMO technology, it uses four twisted pairs to achieve a downstream rate of 700Mbps over distances of 400 meters.
Huawei said the technology had the potential to boost DSL bandwidth by 75% from an average of 100Mbps per twisted pair to around 175Mbps.
With demand for FTTH still too inadequate for many operators to justify replacing their vast copper networks, the industry is looking to squeeze the most out of DSL.
Alcatel-Lucent in April demonstrated a 300Mbps connection via DSL, also over 400 meters.
“DSL technologies for broadband access are showing great market potential,” Huawei's access network product line president, You Yiyong, said.
The technology also has implications for national fiber projects offering a lower-cost supplement or even replacement.