India, US cable due by year-end

A forthcoming India-US cable link planned by Hong Kong-based Pacnet and India’s Bharti Airtel will be completed by year-end, a Pacnet executive says.
John Garrett, vice president of product strategy, told Telecoms the pair will spend a total of $120 million (€83 million) on acquiring capacity for the Chennai-Los Angeles link, which will be formed by linking portions of Pacnet’s EAC-C2C cable with Bharti’s i2i cable in Singapore.
“We have each agreed to acquire a fiber pair of capacity from each other, and the remaining value will be attributed to interim capacity,” Garrett said.
Garrett said the enhanced connectivity will be offered to carriers and businesses in India, Asia and the US. “Customers will be able to purchase connections at all currently available speeds – including high speed 10Gbps wavelength services.”
The deal to increase the capacity and diversity of the two company’s IP networks was announced late last week.