Intel ditches MeeGo for Tizen

Development of a new open-source operating system built on Linux is already gaining traction in the form of backing from Samsung and Intel.
The Tizen project, announced this week by the Linux Foundation and Limo Foundation, aims to develop a cross-architecture software platform, with Intel and Samsung leading development.
News of Intel’s involvement ends weeks of speculation about the future of MeeGo – Intel’s joint OS project with Nokia -, with the firm revealing plans to shift its focus onto the new project. The firm’s open source director, Imad Sousou, says it is convinced it needs to shift its OS investments towards HTML5.
Samsung's involvement is also notable, partly because it has its own mobile OS in Bada - which could also be made open source –, but also because it is rumored to be attempting to reduce its reliance on Android in the wake of Google's planned $12.5 billion (€9.1 billion) purchase of Motorola Mobility.
In contrast to Android, the Tizen project plans to open the entire software stack from the core OS all the way up. It will use an API based on HTML5 and other web standards.
Tizen will be designed for use across multiple categories of devices, ranging from mobile phones and tablets, to smart TVs and in-vehicle systems.
The project leaders hope that the first devices will come to market in mid-2012.