iPhone OS 4.0 jailbroken already

Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 may not even have been released, but it has already been jailbroken.
The team behind the redsn0w jailbreaking app have released a beta version for iPhone OS 4, 9to5mac reported
The beta is currently available only for jailbreak app developers so they can prepare apps for the upcoming release, and currently only supports Mac OSX, the iPhone 3G handset and beta 1 of the iPhone OS 4.0 software, Engadget said
The beta has already been demonstrated by an iPhone Dev Team member. The same member this month obtained root access on an iPad, indicating that an iPad jailbreak is on the way.
In another potential blow to Apple's plans for its mobile devices, an independent developer has added limited multitasking support to the iPad via an app available on the iTunes store.
Multitasking for iPad allows users of the iPad to run Facebook, Twitter and Safari at the same time, and has been positively received in early reviews.
Apple has yet to confirm when (and if) the multitasking support introduced in iPhone OS 4.0 will be added to the iPad.