IPX: The next-gen network for a new generation of services

Today, fixed carriers, mobile operators, content providers and other service providers operate in separate network spheres.

Crossing the boundaries to a fully converged IP domain requires individual and collective initiative, investment, and operating overhead to establish commercial terms, quality guarantees, and technical alignment.

The GSM-Association (GSMA) began its IP eXchange (IPX) development effort to facilitate the creation of the converged interconnect environment, an ecosystem, that is far more efficient and commercially viable for the thousands of different carriers, operators, content providers and service providers looking to capitalize on the growing demand for global multimedia services.

The IPX is a global, private, secure, multi-service IP network that supports end-to-end high quality of service for end-users and cascaded payments for fixed and mobile operators as well as ISPs, content providers, and other service.

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