Irancell starts mobile operations in Iran

A new mobile network was recently launched in Iran, with SIM cards provided by Irancell, the country's first private operator, a Telecomworldwire report said.

The report quoted Iran's communication and IT ministry as saying that the first phase of distribution of 300,000 Irancell SIM cards had begun in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad and Tabriz.

Irancell would be distributing 2.3 million postpaid SIM cards by March next year and would also offer prepaid SIM cards in the near future, with distribution to expand to other cities, the report said.

The report said the project was scheduled for launch last September but was postponed due to delays in the issuance of required permits and in the provision of the necessary frequency.

Irancell operates a joint venture with MTN, providing a second mobile network at a price of $163 per SIM card, according to the report.