Japanese mobile firm plans to build overseas data hubs

Japan's second-largest telecom carrier KDDI would build new data management centers in Britain, France and Singapore to assist Japanese businesses overseas, an AFP report said.

The AFP report said KDDI will invest 25 billion yen ($242 million) by 2010 to equip the sites in Singapore, London and suburban Paris for Japanese firms transmitting data.

The company, which has been offering services since the 1980s for Japanese companies overseas, said the centers will allow better quality data management.

KDDI already operates data hubs in Britain, China, France, Hong Kong and the US, the report said.

It plans to expand as well to emerging economies including India, Vietnam, Russia and Poland.

The company has increasingly aimed to make overseas data centers a core part of its revenue amid intense competition at home in mobile phone service, the AFP report further said.

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