Juniper Research: 5G service revenues forecast to exceed $65B globally by 2025

A new report from Juniper Research forecasts a healthy adoption for 5G, with service revenues set to exceed $65 billion (€59.5 billion) by 2025, compared to just $100 million during the technology's first year of commercial services in 2020. This figure would represent approximately 7 per cent of all operator-billed service revenues. Juniper noted that while the first commercial rollouts are expected in 2020, widespread adoption would only occur from 2025, with national spectrum licensing occurring over a period of years as with 4G. The '5G vision' includes key requisites such as network speeds of at least 10 Gbps, 1 millisecond latency or less, improved spectral efficiency, low energy consumption, better battery life and higher device density -- along with improved reliability and flexibility. Release

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