Juniper Research: Mobile augmented reality users to reach 200M in 2018

The mobile augmented reality (AR) market, is set to increase from 60 million unique users this year to nearly 200 million in 2018, according to a new report from Juniper Research. The research firm believes that the market will expand from the gaming segment and navigation-based utility to become an integral part of the consumer's ecosystem.

Juniper added that the utilisation of AR apps will also evolve to suit the device, with the tablet becoming a natural environment for multimedia and second screen apps and the smartphone becoming a platform for navigation AR apps.

Three key regions are expected to dominate the market: North America, Western Europe and the Far East & China. These regions benefit by being some of the most developed and mature smartphone and tablet markets in the world ,the key platform for AR developers. These regions will also be the first to adopt smart glasses, the next big development for AR, added Juniper. Release

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