LG creates hype as its buys Chocolate

 If you read the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times or Sun, you may have seen LG’s “Serial Number Campaign” in the past week.

LG Mobile is searching for five of its Chocolate phones and listed five serial numbers in the ad. Seems the company is offering to buy back each of the handsets for the handy sum of $10,000.
The obvious question is why? In response to an email from Telecom Asia, LGE’s PR honcho, Kenneth Hong, said the campaign was “initiated as a way to draw awareness to LG's Chocolate phone brand. We wanted to generate excitement for this brand leading up to the launch of the new Chocolate in the next couple of weeks.”
Since its launch more than three years ago, more than 21 million Chocolate units have been sold – but apparently its momentum in the market has stalled, thus LG’s artificial push before the new version is launched.
Will be interesting to see how much bang for the buck LG gets for the campaign, which I reckon is fairly inexpensive.
Not only do the five lucky owners get the cash but the new Chocolate model as well. But act now – the offer just lasts until the end of September.

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