Meet the 2015 Most Influential Women in Wireless in the US

att woman with phone

Welcome to the 2015 FierceWireless "Most Influential Women in Wireless" list for the U.S. Since 2008, editors from sister publication FierceWireless have been tracking the top female stars in the U.S. wireless industry.


In 2015 this list was particularly difficult to compile because of a significant surge in the number of women making their way to the top ranks of wireless companies. There are also many more discussions among top telecom executives about what can be done to attract more women to this industry.

The selection process was far from easy. The women were picked based upon what FierceWireless believed to be their "influence" in the industry. Influence is not an easy attribute to measure. The editors looked at the role these women play in their company and the wireless industry at large. The list consists of women who help guide the industry, whether it's through their technical expertise, their leadership, or their commitment to promoting women in the wireless field. These are the women who inspire others in the business with their ability to take on difficult challenges.

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