Microsoft brings web component to Office app

Microsoft is unveiling a web component for its desktop-based Office programs that lets computer users store, share and comment on documents, but the software maker did not go so far as to let people create new files online, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said Microsoft Office Live Workspace, as the free web site is called, is not quite live.

Starting Monday, users can sign up to be part of an early 'beta' test of the service. A number of those users will be able to start using the service at some point this year, Microsoft said.

Office Live Workspace will give users about 250Mb of storage, or room to keep about 1,000 average Office documents, the report said.
PC users can upload Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and use the site to email friends or colleagues and invite them to read and add comments to those documents through a web browser, it added.

However, if users want to edit the text, they must open the document using an installed copy of Microsoft Office, the report said.

Users with Hotmail, Xbox Live and other Microsoft accounts can use that information to log on to Workspace. Once there, they can use their stored contact list to send invitations, the report said.