Mobile ads 30x more effective than Internet banners, claims T-Mobile

A pilot programme conducted in the Czech Republic by T-Mobile maintains the average success rate of SMS/MMS adverts were nearly 30 times higher than Internet banner campaigns.

The company, which used 22 advertisers including Coca-Cola, Nestle, L'Oreal and Ford, recorded an average response rate of 2.72 per cent. In the case of the most successful campaign the response rate was approaching 12 per cent. Even the least successful campaign with a response rate of 0.29 per cent was said to be well above the Internet average.

The main reasons behind this success, said Michal Nemec, VP of mobile portal and content services, T-Mobile Czech Republic, was the ability of the mobile phone to precisely address the target group. "This gave us the chance to provide a relevant message together with the opportunity for the recipients to respond immediately. These are the main reasons why our pilot project confirmed the success of mobile phone advertising."

The company confirmed that it had targeted two groups for the mobile advertising pilot. This included nearly 1,400 women aged between 26-50 living in urban areas, with the second group being over 1,700 people aged under 26. 

The claimed success of this trial, helped by the positive reaction from the advertisers, has prompted T-Mobile Czech Republic to consider launching a full-scale SMS/MMS mobile advertising programme in Q4 of 2009.

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