Mobile broadband acceleration in the Americas

Broadband acceleration is a key strategy in the Americas both for fixed and wireless operators because, on the one hand, operators need to respond with an adequate technology offering to the exponential traffic growth from the growing number of Internet users and their growing use of data applications in residential and business environments.

On the other hand, they have the challenge of continuing to serve as economic development agents for different industries, service companies and societies at large. However, operators face a series of barriers in the process of deploying both access and transport networks - from administrative to regulatory, financial, logistic and technical.

The purpose of this white paper is to point out the existing barriers and propose solutions for governments and regulators in the Americas by identifying best practices whereby broadband deployment – specifically mobile broadband – would have a positive impact on economic growth and result in higher living standards for citizens, thus reducing the existing digital divide in many regions of several Latin American countries.

This white paper originally published on 4G Americas