Mobile payments: hackers in court

The developer of one of the leading technologies behind mobile payment services, NXP Semiconductors, is taking researchers at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Holland, to court later this week in an attempt to stop them from publishing their controversial report on the security aspects of the Mifare Classic chip. The researchers plan to present how the hack is achieved at a European security conference being held in October in Spain. NXP claims that this move to reveal how the security of its popular Mifare chip can be compromised is irresponsible. It has notified companies using the Mifare chip and advised them to look closely at how they have implemented any security features.

The Mifare chip, when used with NFC, has been tested in a number of cell phone-based mobile payment trials. Presently, the Mifare chip is widely used for integration into public transport payment systems, especially in London. NXP claims that it will be introducing the Mifare Plus chip which has a much improved security system, whereas the Mifare Classic chip can be cracked in 12 seconds using a laptop, according to sources.

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