Mobile TV uptake hindered by lack of awareness

A survey commissioned by mobile TV and video solutions provider QuickPlay Media has revealed that there are significant barriers hindering users from consuming TV and video content on their mobile phones. The most important of these factors, particularly in the U.K., are lack of awareness of the services that are on offer and the perceived high costs involved. The survey, carried out by Market Tools, found that 44 per cent of users cited lack of awareness as the reason they did not access mobile TV and video content and 33 per cent gave perceived cost as their rationale. On the positive side demand for mobile TV exists with 65 per cent of those questioned in the survey saying that they would be willing to watch an advertisement if it meant that the content was free or discounted. The survey also reported that if mobile TV and video were to be charged for, 22 per cent of those questioned said that they would prefer a pay-per-use business model and 13 per cent outlined a preference for an additional monthly subscription that would deliver the content without adverts.

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