Mobinil chooses Telcordia for number porting

Egypt's Mobinil has deployed the Telcordia number portability gateway, an operator-based system that automatically processes and manages the exchange of number portability data between operators and a centralized clearinghouse.


According to Telcordia, the solution enhances Mobinil's competitive position by increasing the flow of porting requests and enabling integration with back-end operations and network systems and processes.


Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has earlier deployed the Telcordia number portability clearinghouse as the centralized repository for number porting to give its consumers and businesses more choices of telecom service providers.


With the Telcordia number portability gateway, Mobinil is capitalizing on deregulation while retaining its existing subscriber base through the ability to provide reliable, high-quality service throughout the porting process.

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