Mobistar, KPN team sign infra sharing pact

A week after it was revealed that they had jointly filed an antitrust complaint against Belgacom, Mobistar and KPN now plan to jointly expand their mobile networks.
The two Belgian carriers will share pylons, masts, cables, utilities, safety precautions and transmission systems, Mobistar said
The agreement does not cover sharing of the radio infrastructure, the company added – the carriers will operate the shared sites on their own account.
However, Mobistar said the collaboration will allow more efficient infrastructure investments, and more rapid deployment of mobile networks.
The announcement comes days after it was revealed that Mobistar and KPN had filed a suit with Europe's antitrust regulators alleging that Belgacom abuses its dominant market position.
The complaint mainly centers on the former state-owned operator's activities in the broadband internet market, and alleges that Belgacom does not fairly offer smaller operators wholesale access to its ADSL2+ and VDSL networks.
But mobile operators such as BASE have also accused Belgacom of deliberately making it hard for customers to move from Belgacom to another network, according to Reuters.
Belgacom said that its wholesale access prices had been set by the regulator BIPT.