More than half of online Brits keep blogs - survey

The speed of Britain's online revolution has been underlined by a new survey, showing that more than 25% of all British Internet surfers have created their own blog or Web site, according to an AFP report.

Also, the survey said more than half of the online population had downloaded music, although this might be a cause for concern for record companies as many of those did not pay for the downloads, preferring to use illegal file-sharing music Web sites.

The study, by the Harris polling institute and the Guardian newspaper's online version, coined a new term - 'Digi Joe Public' - referring to the average person who had rocketed ahead on the information highway, the AFP report said.

Overall, more than two thirds of the British population had tried some kind of digital activity, said the Digi:Nation survey, which noted that more than a quarter had created their own Web site or blog, the report further said.

Nearly four in 10 had read a blog, while almost 75% had downloaded music and almost 25% had downloaded at least one movie, the survey said.

The music industry has made huge efforts in recent years to clamp down on illegal downloading, notably forcing leading Web site Napster to go legal.

But, according to the survey, there was still some way to go, as 50% of all those questioned said they did not pay for music, while only 35% believed that downloading or sharing pirated tracks for nothing was wrong.

The survey, which was conducted from May 2-22, involved 2,012 adults.