MS phantom data fix due in weeks

Microsoft will fix a problem with Yahoo Mail that has affected users of its Windows Phone platform within a matter of weeks, a spokesperson says.
The staffer told Telecoms a solution to the problem, which affects the synching function between the Windows Phone Mail client and Yahoo Mail, will be rolled out in the coming weeks, after the two firms worked together to identify a fix.
Devices affected by the glitch initiated so-called ‘phantom’ data sessions without the user’s knowledge, and the problem was first picked up at the start of 2011, the BBC reported.
Microsoft has also identified an issue with its Exchange ActiveSync email synchronization protocol, which could affect email programs such as Outlook and Gmail. A fix for this solution is expected to be available via a “near-term expected update from Microsoft,” the spokesperson said.
These problems could delay Microsoft’s anticipated WP7 update dubbed “NoDo”, which is scheduled for the first two weeks of March and will add functions including copy and paste to the platform.
The software giant has faced a raft of problems with WP7 platform updates in recent weeks.
Users of Samsung smartphones running the platform received an error message while trying to apply the latest software update that, ironically, was issued to deal with several glitches in a prior update.
Microsoft acknowledged the problem on its Twitter account and, in a blog post dated Mar 4, provided instructions on how users could circumvent the error.