New blood for VC funds in tech

Netscape founder and multi-millionaire Marc Andreessen has raised Euro 215 million ($300 million) in capital to form a new VC company focused on emerging  tech called “Andreessen Horowitz,” with dot com buddy Ben Horowitz .

The first round of investments will be modest, in the Euro 35,000- 70,000 ($50,000 to $100,000) range.

Investments will be centered around consumer internet, consumer electronics and cloud computing and storage with B2B also on the radar.  
It is understood that the team will then partner with bigger Silicon Valley VC players to invest in up to 80 start-ups.

The duo will also explore about a dozen mid (several millions of dollars ) and final stage (up to Euro 35 million) investments.

Meanwhile former Joost CEO Mike Volpi has turned up days after the Joost global restructure as a partner of London-based VC  Index Ventures.  Volpi will lead a venture capital team guiding  early stage investments in online, telecom/networking and media sectors.

The move is unsurprising as Index Ventures was part of a consortium that invested in Joost two years ago.