New chip will target LTE/WiMAX femtocells sector

Having already achieved success with its 1st generation of femtocell silicon, RadioFrame Networks (RFN) is preparing to launch its latest Omniradio design that will support femtocells wanting to operate within LTE or WiMAX networks.

The company, which has already seen its femtocell chip technology being integrated with equipment from Nokia Siemens Networks--and more recently into Orange's wireless network in Europe, claims that this latest chip will ensure "an excellent performance-to-cost ratio in one chip that can support 2G, 3G and now LTE and WiMAX networks."

"RadioFrame is unique with our approach of an upgradeable platform solution that lets a wireless network provider implement femtocells in 2G, 3G and 4G networks and upgrade those same femtocells remotely as requirements for standards change," said RadioFrame CEO Jeff Brown. "We are designing the RadioFrame solution to be both the first and last femtocell product that an operator would ever need to deploy."

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