New Thai PM faces legal woes over internet shares

The Thai senator who helped bring down former premier Samak Sundaravej filed a similar complaint against his successor, accusing the new prime minister of violating the constitution, an AFP report said.

Ruangkrai Leekijwattana has accused Thailand's prime minister of breaching the charter by holding shares in internet provider CS Loxinfo, the AFP report added.

The Election Commission received the complaint Monday, a spokesman said.

'At present, there is no decision on whether the complaint will be further investigated or not. That decision must come from the five election commissioners,' the EC's Ruangroat Jomsueb, quoted by an AFP, said.

'As a government office, we are mandated to accept every complaint submitted for further consideration,' he added.

The current constitution, drafted while Thailand was under military rule, bans members of parliament from holding shares in companies with links to the state, and CS Loxinfo has a concession with government-owned CAT telecom.

Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, who was only elected earlier this month, said he was unfazed by the possible charges.